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We walked by some people and they said we’re a cute couple so this is us being a cute couple!

I just meant to say “look at those cute sweethearts” damn… but truth be told!

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I really don’t know if I am too oversensitive for this world or if I just happen to have the questionable luck to only befriend vain assholes who don’t give a shit about me as a person but rather want to use me as a weird kind of piece of jewelry to carry around and show off… ew.



Disneyworld needs to make a rollercoaster based off of the ride Yzma and Kronk take to the lair. When the ride starts, Yzma’s voice yells “pull the lever, Kronk!” and the ride starts to move backwards so she yells “wrong lever!” and it shoots you forward.


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This is not a parody ?

Izzie Adams | ego-x.tumblr.com

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Somebody should keep me away from makeup and wigs when I’m bored..

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Anonymous asked

wait but that scene in hannibal where he pets the sheep. was he not, in fact, silencing a lamb?


Bryan Fuller take the wheel

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Harry Curran for 10 Men Magazine

Photos by Eric Nehr

Styling by Hector Castro

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