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Everyone is a lesson. 
- A reminder (via black—lamb)
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Me flirting: You wanna watch lord of the rings:*seductive voice*extended edition

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Photographer/Stylist: Holly Burnham

Model: Spencer Tylar Hare

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Going out tonight~
Damn I missed having two-colored hair.

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Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen. 
- Robert Bresson (via billyjane)
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Genderbending is not a problem.

It is okay to be cis and genderbending.

It is okay to be NOT cis and genderbending.

Genderbending is not harmful towards transgender people or those of gender identities other than cis.

The lack of representation of transgender, non-binary, androgyn or other identifying people is a problem.

So stop pounding on the different spectrums of gender and gender identity as well as gender expression and finally start standing TOGETHER so things can change.

Every aspect of the gender spectrum.

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add a caption on We Heart It - http://weheartit.com/entry/140599367

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Have you ever seen something completely baffling but also technically excellent? I can’t believe how well this person edited Jane into Treasure Planet so she and Captain Amelia could fight the bad guy from Osmosis Jones. “Man,” I say to myself, “I could never make this bizarre music video about beloved animated characters becoming ghosts.”

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